Studies have shown that contract warehousing costs are 15-20 percent lower than stand-alone warehousing because multiple companies share the expenses. CBM provides technology, management, staffing, equipment and systems integration to ensure that warehousing services are cost effective. With extensive experience in the warehousing industry, CBM provides logistics solutions that allow our customers to focus on their core competencies.
Within our pick and pack operations, we deal with some of large companies in the world and pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions, recognizing what it takes to keep our customers and their customers completely satisfied. Through providing shared resources and centralised warehousing, we enable you to reduce your capital investment, allowing a flexible response to market demands. Savings can also be made by co-ordinating production runs with no under- or overstocking of inventory.
At CBM, we believe that our employees are our most vital assets and their knowledge and expertise is what allows us to exceed our customers’ requirements. Our warehouses’ geographic location remains a key point in Ho Chi Minh's distribution market, central to most modal hubs in Vietnam. CBM gives our customers scalability, flexibility in labor and asset requirements, and location options. Companies can optimize cost savings, lower liabilities and increase speed to market by using our flexible warehousing, multiple market networks, sophisticated technology, and established transportation networks in purchased transportation.
If you require a warehouse to provide worry-free distribution, getting the right product to the right location at the right time domestically and internationally, please visit our website and contact us any time at your convenience