Air Transportation

We handle regular import and export airfreight to and from cities throughout the world using our agents network. With professional team of operation staffs, and comprehensive airfreight transport and distribution systems, we are able to provide effective solutions with consitent transit time for any destinations at the lowest cost. Reliability is what customers expect in today’s business community. That’s’ why we secure the space allocations, on time service performance and flexibility that customers and partners demand.
Airlines Cargo Sales Agency

CBM is proud to be one of the very few locally owned private companies in Vietnam that possess the resources and capabilities to offer Cargo General Sales Agency service to reputable Airlines companies.

From the moment the idea came about that we wish to add this service area to become part of our core competency, much have been done to invest in learning the trade and luring/training the right team of staff to help us market, manage and drive this new service successfully.

Going through the learning curve for this latest addition of our core services, CBM now boasts of the ability to provide one-stop shop services incorporating branding, marketing, coordinating, reporting, yield managing, space planning, etc. just to name a few of the activities that are included in our broad-based cargo sales agency service to Airlines.