Customs Clearance
International transport can not be managed without a customs agency. CBM provides this kind of service as well and guarantee customs negotiation not only in Vietnam but also abroad. CBM is recognized as a good provider of full-service customs brokerage, sea & air cargo transportation and distribution. Our customs brokerage services can help speed your shipments through customs. At CBM, the management of imports and exports via land, sea, and air has the resources, the people and the technology to provide excellence and innovation in customs brokerage services

CBM can handle your global logistics and manage your customs brokerage and international trade services, all with the goal of streamlining your supply chain.

Thanks to extensive experience, CBM will provide you with expert customs documentation and all transactions concerning the entry and admissibility of merchandise.  This includes classification and valuation, duties payment, taxes, or other charges assessed or collected by Customs on merchandise by reason of its importation, or the refund, rebate, and drawback. Furthermore, we can handle your clearance for both imported and exported freight.

With our expertise, your company can avoid unnecessary delays and penalties. Because we attend to your needs in a professional manner, you will save valuable time and reduce costs. Please contact us today to find out more about our customs brokerage and international trade capabilities